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Hi, I’m Paul Wilson, creator of the Productive Playbook.

If you use applications or apps on a PC, laptop, tablet or phone then this site is for you as it contains useful practical information on the apps that work and how to use them effectively and confidently.

You have probably searched for help before and just found sales copy or very basic information that didn’t meet your needs. This is the place where we can delve deeper and keep it practical.

I love trying new apps and applications but often feel I am not getting the best out of them, so I search for help and puzzle my way through it.

In doing this I think I have a good insight into the good, the bad and the ugly and what you need ot get you using them productively to help you whatever your work, your business or your particular need.

I am starting this with a blog and moving on to publishing quick guides (playbooks), cheatsheets, videos and webinars .

I’m working on an e-book at the moment to draw together “the best of the best” a group of apps and applications that I use and trust everyday. I think it will help you.

My promise is that I will make this available for free to everyone on my mailing list. Subscribe now to make sure you are on my list. I expect to publish it around July 2016.