f.a.q. page

A place for me to answer the frequently asked questions about this site and project:

1. What is a productive playbook?

It is a memorable and helpful guide to achieving something through the use of tools such as paper, methods and software applications. It is probably

2. Who are you?

Have you seen the About Me page here : LINK

If you have any questions for me personally you can add them to the comments on that page.

3. Why isn’t [your favourite tool or method] written about here?

That will be for one of the following reasons:
a) I have not heard of it… in which case please enlighten me I am always keen to learn.
b) I haven’t gotten around to it…. in which case drop me a line and I will make it a priority.

4. What systems/tools do you use?

Everything I write about I use. Some more than others and I think you will be able to guess that I use Evernote a lot. I use Nozbe for my to do list and end up in Excel for far too much of my life. I like plain text files and I miss some old stuff like Lotus Agenda and Groove.

5. Where do you see this site going?

I would like it to become a respected repository for great and useful information. I can see potential (code for nothing has happened yet) for how to videos and maybe a blog or webinars.