front page

 Hi, I’m Paul Wilson, creator of the Productive Playbook site.

This page is my  MAIN PAGE.  It is a place to answer these questions:

  • What is this site for?
  • What is happening now?
  • What am I working on?

This Site

If you use data in your work and make use of applications on a PC, laptop, tablet or phone to help you manage it, then this site is for you as it contains useful and practical information on how to make apps and your data work effectively for you and in turn improve the way you work.

What is Happening Now?

Well I have changed the design here, I am gradually getting all the components in place to be able to blog and present my new work here.

What Am I Working On?

I am writing about some of the best apps, methods and tools I use.

I am also working on the start of a new wordpress theme. This will show how anyone can make a theme and also highlight the process and I hope that the resulting theme will prove useful for people.

"Productive Playbooks" are?

I hope that I can make some guides in the form of short, easy to use guides or Playbooks. Inspired by the way American Football teams describe the 'plays' for the team, the playbook is a repository of how to make it all work for you.